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Attawapiskat First Nation – Job Postings. Health Services – Mental Health Clinician . June 29, 2017 Statement – Attawapiskat First Nation on Canada’s 150 years since Confederation

TORONTO – Five children tried to take their own lives Friday evening in a canadian aboriginal community, its chief said, following other attempted suicides after he had declared a state of emergency o.

A First Nations activist inside the attawapiskat solidarity occupation told telesur that the protest will not end until the Canadian government agrees to act.

On the evening of Saturday, April 9, 2016, Attawapiskat First Nation had 11 suicide attempts. Since August of 2015, the total number of attempts is over 100.

An Ontario coroner says he will review how Sheridan Hookimaw, a young girl in Attawapiskat died and may call an inquest.

Restrictions lifted on midwives in Attawapiskat – A new support for midwifery on the james bay coast has been solidified. A meeting organized by Christine Roy, a midwife with Neepeeshowan Midwives in Moose Factory on March 19 led to the releasing of.

5 days ago · A sign welcomes visitors at the Attawapiskat airport in the remote northern Ontario community on Monday, April 18, 2016.The chief of Attawapiskat First Nation has launched a personal war on illegal drugs because he says he is tired of waiting for others to deal with a problem that is destroying his small community in Northern Ontario.

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No one in Attawapiskat will be left untouched by the cluster of attempted suicides that have led the remote Ontario First Nation to declare a state of emergency, mental health experts say. That is why.

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